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Welcome to our Terms and Conditions page.

Your decision to sign up translates to the acceptance of our terms of business (Terms and Conditions), and legally bounded them, including those incorporated by reference. It is advisable that you go through the terms properly. Should you have any reservations or complaints about any of these terms, stop using the services at once or decide against using the services at all.

Addressify LTD (The Company), hereinafter referred to as Londonaddress.com, 123formations.co.uk, A2 Accounting, A2 Group, reserves the sole right to update this page and subsequently revise these Terms and Conditions. It is advisable that you check this page regularly and re-assess the Terms and Conditions, and your acceptance of the same.  

Throughout these Terms and Conditions, “Addressify LTD, and every service related to it, included but not limited to user interface, photographs, images, text, “look and feel”, data and content used, including the arrangement, selection, and formatting of the same, are collectively termed “Web Site”, “Site”, “Website” or “Service.”

You are advised to check “Clause Nine – Limitation of Liability” carefully while assessing these Terms and Conditions.


1. The Details of The Company Us

- Company Name – Addressify LTD
- Company Number – 12469216
- Address – 7, Bell Yard, London, United Kingdom, WC2A 2JR
- Company Websites – Londonaddress.com; 123formations.co.uk; tax360.co.uk;


2. The Agreement

2.1 This is an affirmation that you have written authority to bind any company or business or company you are representing while using our services.

2.2 The Terms and Conditions, alongside our Privacy Policy, are the only parts of the Agreement between us. This Agreement nullifies and overrides any pending contracts (if any), either spoken or written.


3. Our Service

3.1 Registered Office Address
You may use our address (after successful ordering and payment) as your company’s official or registered address with Company’s House. You will be furnished with every mail (Official Mail) addressed to the company at no cost. Any correspondence outside the mail from HM Revenue and Customs, Company’s House, HM Courts and Tribunals Service, and Government Gateway, and the Intellectual Property Service shall not be addressed or treated as an official mail.

3.2 Director Service Address
You may use our address (after successful ordering and payment) as the director service address, provided you order a registered office address. You will be furnished with every mail (Official Mail) addressed to the Directors at no cost. Any mail outside the mail from HM Revenue and Customs, Company’s House, HM Courts and Tribunals Service, and Government Gateway, and the Intellectual Property Service shall not be addressed or treated as an official mail.

3.3 Virtual Business Address
You may use our address (after successful ordering and payment) as your virtual business address, provided you order a registered office address. The address may also serve as your correspondent address for sending, receiving, and forwarding mails ONLY, and as included on your website and stationery.

3.4 Telephone Answering Service
You shall have a dedicated London (0207) phone number, usable as your business phone number or target line for diverted official calls. Our staff shall answer the calls on such a line, but in the name of your company; the same goes for the messages sent to the email. Only calls between Monday to Friday (8.30 am to 6.30 pm) shall be treated as such.

3.5 Free Mail Forwarding
Our free mail forwarding option, when ordered alongside our Service, will allow us, by default, to open, scan, and email all official mails to you. Hard copies of such official mails or related items will only be made available on the receipt of email request via your admin control panel.

3.6 Mail forwarding of business mail
You shall receive Business Mails addressed to your company (via email) to the address included on your initial order. This Mail Forwarding option comes at the cost of post plus 20% per item of mail. We shall treat mails classified as above a “Large Letter” by Royal Mail as a parcel. You shall provide a postal deposit to cover all mail forwarding. We shall not forward mails unless a deposit has been provided or there are sufficient funds to settle the costs involved.

3.7 Parcels
We offer parcel services alongside our business mail service. The maximum receivable parcel per day is 3, and the same must be addressed to the business name. You shall get parcels at weekly intervals. Each delivery comes at the cost of post, alongside a handling fee of an equal amount.

3.8 Company Formations
When you choose LondonAddress or 123Formations as your company formation provider, you are subsequently empowering us to file with Companies House, as an authorized person for and on behalf of the company, the statutory forms necessary for the implementation of the company formation service you agree to take under this agreement. You are expected to submit a proof of identity – a requirement, which if not met, may hinder the provision of the company formation service you are purchasing.


4. The Acceptable Use of our Address

Our address (only when ordered) may be used as;

- Registered Office Address

- Director Service Address

- Virtual Business Address


5. The Unacceptable Use of our Address

5.1 Illegal or Immoral Use
You may NOT use our address for any immoral or illegal intents and purposes. We reserve the right to suspend a suspiciously or allegedly erring account, until further investigation confirms such suspicion, thus warranting an immediate termination.

5.2 Personal Mail
You may NOT use our address as your personal mail.

5.3 Vehicle Registration
You may NOT use our address as yours or your company’s when registering a vehicle with DVLA. We shall return all DVLA mails to the sender without any notice whatsoever.

5.4 Google. ‘Google My Business’ does not allow the addresses of mail receiving agencies to be used as a business address. Our addresses may NOT be used as your ‘Google My Business’ address.  

5.5 Physical Address
You may NOT present our address as if you have a physical presence at the same. We reserve the right to inform visitors to our office(s) that you use the same as a virtual business office with zero physical presence.

5.6 Vehicle Penalties. Our address may NOT be used for receiving penalties or fines relating to vehicles, including but not limited to speeding fines, penalty charge notices and parking charge notices.

5.7 Business Categories
We may approve or disapprove categories of business as deemed fit, without any prior notification.


6. Refunds, Renewals, Payments, Fee, and Postal Deposit

6.1 Refunds
Approved refunds will be sent within 30 days. We shall not process refunds for any paid periods, except such refund is requested for within 14 calendar days from the order date. Every refund is subjected to 15% of the order fee or a flat £25, depending on which is higher.

6.2 Renewals
You will get a renewal notice via e-mail (for annual packages) or seven days (for monthly packages) before the date of renewal. You must communicate to us your intention to renew by the renewal date to keep the service running for the next chargeable period. In the event of an unsuccessful renewal, we shall return all mails to the sender and entertain no calls. The renewal of your service with us shall be your responsibility only.

You are required to change your address within 3 days after the expiration of your service in the Companies House records.

If you have not changed your address within 3 days after the end of your service, We have the right to change it in the Companies House.

6.3 Payments
You may make payments via debit or credit cards on our online payment service systems. You may also pay via BASs, but only in GBP only. .

6.4 Fees
You may only pay fees in advance MONTHLY or ANNUALLY, depending on your type of service and conditions of the order.

6.5 Postal Deposit
Every UK forwarding shall attract a postal deposit of £20 or £50 for overseas forwarding. This goes into settling handling fees and other forwarding costs.

7. Proof of ID and Address

7.1 In line with the demands of our Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and ‘Know Your Customer’ systems, you are required to provide proof of ID proof of address documents as a customer interested in our address and phone services.

7.2 The acceptable proofs of ID include: Passport, Driving License (Photocard only – no paper UK driving licenses can be accepted), National Identity Card, HM Forces Identity Card, current/valid Student Card, Employment Identification Card, and Disabled Drivers Blue Pass.

7.3 The acceptable proofs of address include non-mobile Telephone Bills, TV License, Credit Card statement, Bank statement, Council Tax Bill, Mortgage Statement, and Electricity/Water/Gas bills.

7.4 You must provide any of these proofs within seven days from the order date – non-compliance shall warrant account suspension, and subsequently, the return of phone calls and mails to senders until you have met the proof of ID and address requirement.

8. Cancelation of service

8.1 Cancellation initiated by Us

We may cancel the service in the event of one or more of the following;

- Failure to pay the service charge
- Perceived misuse of our address – for Immoral or illegal activities
- Perceived use of our address for DVLA vehicle registration
- Perceived use of our address as your personal mail
- Other forms of service abuse as determined by Us

8.2 Cancellation by us. We reserve the right to cancel the service for any of the following reasons. Non-payment, suspected use of our address for Immoral or Illegal activity, Use of our address to register a vehicle with DVLA, using our address for personal mail, or anything we consider is a miss-use of our service.

8.3 Bailiffs and Debt Collectors
The sole right to cancel your service lies with us, and we may exercise the same in the event of a visit of a bailiff or debt collector to our premises. We may offer such bailiff or debtor your details in the event of such a visit.

9. Limitations of Liability, Indemnity, and Compensation

9.1 Limitations of Liability
We shall, in no condition or circumstances whatsoever, be liable to you, whether in breach of statutory, negligence and tort, Contract, or otherwise, due or related to the Contract for, any business, sales, loss of profits, revenue, loss or corruption of data, anticipated saving, goodwill, business opportunity, information or software, and all other consequential or indirect losses.

9.2 Indemnity
Your decision to purchase our service confirms your acceptance of these terms of service, which in turn confirms your Agreement to fully indemnify us from any claims whatsoever, arising from whatsoever reason or a third party. You further agree to handle such claims singlehandedly and within you and the said third party. The inability of any third party to deliver on a certain service as promised shall not be our responsibility, liability, nor applicable to compensation or refund claims in our names and in respect of our service.

9.3 Compensation
Considering the type of our services, all compensation claim shall not exceed a total of the service fee for a month. Any compensation claim that is due to a consequential loss to your business shall not be entertained.

10. Communication and Contact Information

10.1 Communication
Communication includes e-mail when referred to as “in Writing” in any part of these Terms and Conditions.

10.2 Contact Information
You accept to singlehandedly and compulsorily update all contact information, including telephone number, e-mail address, and mailing address through your admin control panel. Kindly note that outdated information may warrant the suspension of your service.

11. Other Terms

11.1 The only parties in this Agreement are you and us. Therefore, no third party whatsoever is empowered to enforce any part or clause of these terms under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties Act) 1999.

11.2 The transfer of rights and obligations as stipulated under these Terms and Conditions to another person is subjected to a written agreement between the two parties involved (You and Us).

11.3 We reserve the right to transfer our rights and obligations under a Contract to another organization. However, this will, in no way, affect our obligations or your rights as enshrined in these Terms and Conditions.

11.4 There is a separation of operation and interpretation for each paragraph of these Terms and Conditions. In the event of the legal determination of the invalidity of one of these paragraphs, the other paragraphs shall remain enforceable and in full effect.

11.5 We shall treat your private information as confidential by all reasonable means.

11.6 In the event of our decision not to enforce our rights against you, or failure/delay in performing one or more of our obligations as enshrined in these Terms and Conditions, you may not consider the same as a waiver to our rights against you or as a waiver not to perform your obligations as stated in these Terms and Conditions. Every waiver shall be communicated to you in writing, although, this may not be considered as an automatic waiver for future defaults by you.

11.7 There shall be no relationship between the interpretation of these Terms and their headings.

11.8 No part of these Terms and Conditions shall be considered to create any form of agency relationship or partnership between the parties.

11.9 The terms of these Contract, the dispute or claim emanating from, in connection with it, or its subject matter or formation shall be subjected to the interpretation and governance of the law of England and Wales. This shall include non-contractual disputes or claims due to the Contract or in connection with the same.

11.10 The exclusive power and jurisdiction to rule on disputes or claims emanating from or arising out of this Contract is hereby vested in the courts of England and Wales. The jurisdiction shall also cover the Contract’s subject matter or formation, including without limitation to non-contractual claims and disputes.

11.11 Change of Address
We may change, amend, or close any location (office or address), after serving you a written notice in respect of the same, 14 days before such. While we shall offer a new address, you are not obligated to adopt and use the same. However, we shall not offer a refund - either partial or full - in the event of your decision against the use of the newly offered address.

11.12 Notice of Disclosure
We shall handle all business information acquired and mails items received as commercially private. Therefore, information access and use shall be limited to our company alone. However, we reserve the right to furnish the police or similar investigative bodies with such information without prior notification, in the event of a perceived illegal or non-contractual use of our services, including but not limited to fraudulent and criminal premises.

It is advisable that you print out a copy of these “Terms of Business” and keep them for future reference. Alternatively, you may have a copy saved on your computer.