Cookies policy

London address website (the “Website” or “Site”) uses ‘cookies’. By using our Site, you consent to the use of the cookies listed below; however, you can disable cookies and continue to use our Website. We do not use cookies to gather personal information about you from your computer - we can only collect this kind of information if you choose to give it to us.

1. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that virtually all websites use to identify and remember users and track their activities on the Site. They contain small amounts of information and they are downloaded to a user’s laptop or other device by a web server when the user visits a website. These cookies remain on the user’s device until they expire or are deleted. One of the primary purposes of cookies is to save you time by telling a web server that you have returned to a specific page.

2. What are cookies used for?

 Without cookies, it would not be possible to achieve the level of interaction that internet users expect of the web. Cookies are used by browsers for a variety of tasks, such as:
        • Tracking visits to a website and individual web pages.
        • Remembering user names and passwords.
        • Retrieving billing and shipping addresses.
        • Remembering credit and debit card information.
        • Keeping users logged into a website when web pages are re-opened.
        • Remembering un-purchased items in a user’s online shopping basket.
        • Tracking sales.
        • Analysing trends and user behaviour.
        • Improving products, services and communications.
        • Displaying user-appropriate advertising - have you ever wondered why adverts
          for your favourite shops keep lingering at the side of your computer screen every time
          you go online? You can thank cookies for that.
        • Developing and marketing products and services appropriately.
        • Measuring the effectiveness of ads and web searches.
        • Optimising websites and making them easier to navigate.

3. What cookies does London offices use?

    All of the cookies we use on this Website are ‘Performance Cookies’, as categorised by The International Chamber of Commerce (UK). This classification of cookie collects anonymous information about the way our visitors use our Website - the most frequently-visited pages, the amount of time spent on each page, the number of users who click on internal and/or third-party links, how many sales are generated through each page, whether you came to our Site via another Website, etc.
    No identifiable information is collected by these cookies - all gathered data is aggregated and therefore anonymous. The cookies we use simply allow us to monitor and improve the performance of our Website in general, and improve and personalise each user’s experience on this Site. To find out more about our Privacy Policy.
    The following four Google Analytics cookies are used on this Site: