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- Company Name – ADDRESSIFY LTD
- Company Number – 12469216
- Address – 7, Bell Yard, London, United Kingdom, WC2A 2JR
- Company Websites –,;;


This policy document will familiarize you with our terms and conditions as related to Refund and Cancellation arrangements. You will also find the clauses highlighted in this policy document in our General and Specific Terms and Conditions, on

About London Address  

The LondonAddress website runs at, as a website operated by Addressify LTD – a registered company under England and Wales Authorities, with registration number 12469216. The registered office address is at 7 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR. The VAT number is GB 343 057 6167.

Definitions of Terms  

• “Consumer” as used in this policy document shall bear the same meaning as enshrined in section 12 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.

• “General Terms and Conditions” is the same as Terms and Conditions.

• “Specific Terms and Conditions” is the same as the Specific Terms and Conditions specially designed to be binding on all products and services purchased from using the website. The Specific Terms and Conditions supersede the General Terms and Conditions in the case of any dispute.

• “Site,” “Website,” and “Web site” all translate to the website on which you are accessing these terms and conditions, including all links and sub-links embedded on the website.

• “Addressify”, “”, “we”, “us”, “our” or “ourselves” all refer to Addressify LTD in this context.


General Terms and Conditions  

Force Majeure
In the event of any Force Majeure event that fits the description herein, we shall inform you within the shortest possible time. If such Force Majeure event lasts for over 14 calendar days, either party may enforce their right of cancellation of the agreement. If you have paid for the service and expecting fulfilment, you may demand a refund for such services, from the date of cancellation.

The Consumer may cancel a contract for the provision of services and goods within 14 calendar days after the activation of such a contract. Such cancellations shall be provided only in writing. If the fulfilment process has been initiated on our part, or the company application has been submitted to Companies House (for a company formation order), the Consumer’s right to cancel shall be revoked.

Unusual Liability Limitations
• In the event of a rejection of your company formation application at the Companies House, all rights to a refund for services purchased shall be revoked.

LondonAddress shall accept zero liability for cases where your company is removed and/or struck off the Registrar, irrespective of the basis or prerequisites within or beyond our control, or an aftermath of the expiration or cancellation of the services bounded by this agreement in the event of your company’s failure to satisfy the statutory requirements, following our filing of the requisite forms that informs you of the termination of the said services.


Conditions for our Company Address Services

All rights to cancel an address service immediately lies with LondonAddress only. We shall exercise such rights in cases where we foresee a significant risk to our reputation and that of our business.


Prices of Goods and Services

LondonAddress holds and reserves the sole right to modify prices of goods and services on the website, without any prior notification to Clients, Users and the general public. Modifications shall be in the form of updates, amendment, and withdrawal of goods and services. We shall strive to maintain correct prices while reserving the right to void transactions emanating from errors in prices, and subsequently provide you with a full refund.

Continuous Payment Authority

Fees due to renewable services shall be charged at the expiration of such services and on the card used in the original purchase of the service, or an alternative where submitted. We shall inform the User in advance of the expiration and the possible automatic renewal. Such notice shall come within 14 days of the previous purchase.

We shall not offer refunds for company formation package or any parts of the same after the submission of such application to the Companies House, irrespective of whether the formation is accepted or not.

Refund Policy  

Address Service Orders:

If you ever changed your mind about purchasing a company service address service (registered office, service address or business address/mail forwarding service), one or more of the following shall be applicable;

• You shall be entitled to a refund, provided the order is yet to be processed and the address service(s) yet to be setup. You shall be required to provide the notice to cancel within 14 calendar days of the purchase date; else you forfeit your right to a refund.

• You shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid (excluding a £25.00 plus VAT administration charge per address service) if the order is already processed and address service(s) set up. This is subjected to the provision of the notice to cancel within 14 calendar days of the purchase date. Kindly be informed that the administration charge includes the processing costs, service setup costs, and similar incidental costs.

• The right to cancel an address service is invested in either party (the Customer or Us), subjected to the provision of a full calendar months’ notice in writing.

Other Products and Services  

If you ever changed your mind about purchasing an additional product or service, and the process of fulfilment of such orders is not activated yet, you shall be entitled to a refund of every money paid to Us. This shall be subjected to the provision of a written notice, valid within 14 calendar days of purchase date. Notices later than this timeframe, or after the fulfilment process of the product or service is activated, shall be considered null and void.