ID requirements

By signing up for selective features and using our services, you are agreeing to our term of business and are legally bound by these terms and conditions. Please read the terms and conditions laid forth carefully. If you do not adhere or comply with the terms mentioned here, you may not use our services.

Working as a government regulated company formation agency, we adhere to the anti-money laundering regulation (AML). As required by law, we obtain two forms of identification to confirm their identity when starting a company. Firstly, an AML ID proof is required when purchasing any service. Additionally, we respect your privacy and adhere to the compliance terms. Therefore, we request our clients to do the same by providing two forms of identification submitted 30 days from initiation. These documents can be sent electronically or by post. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in cancellation of service without refunds.

We are required to obtain two forms of identification — proof of ID and proof of address

1. We verify the ID and Address of parties who own more than a quarter (25%) of the company.

2. We verify the ID and Address of anyone who uses our services

3. We verify the ID and Address of all directors

4. We verify the ID and Address person having more than 25% voting share

5. We verify the ID and Address of the party placing the order (if not registered as the director or shareholder)

6. For corporate entities, same procedures for verification are applicable

7. We verify the ID and Address of parties participating in share transfer/ share allotment, Appointment and Removal of Director/Secretary or changing company’s name

8. 8. Applicable to all parties availing our services

9. Appointment and Removal of Director/Secretary

11. Any of our address services.

- Acceptable forms of proof of ID and address

We will process UK residents through our online ID verification process, and subject to passing this online ID check, you will not be required to provide certified copies of proof of ID and address documents by email or post. UK residents who fail the online ID verification process, and all non-UK residents, will be required to provide certified ID and proof of address documents by email or post.

Proof of ID (one of the following)

  • 1. Passport
  • 2. National identity card with name and photograph
  • 3. Current UK or EEA photocard driving license
  • 4. HM Forces identity card
  • 5. Photographic registration cards for self-employed
  • 6. Photographic registration cards for self-employed
  • 7. Original birth certificate

    Proof of address

- The document must be dated within the last 3 months, and it must show both the person’s name and address. 

  • 1. HM Revenue and Customs Notice of Coding
  • 2. . Telephone Bill showcasing address; excluding mobile Bill
  • 3. Utility bill showcasing address (gas, electric or water bill issued within the last three months)
  • 4. HMRC self-assessment or tax demand letter
  • 5. Mortgage statement
  • 6. Benefit book or original notification letter from benefits agency
  • 7. Council tax bill
  • 8. Bank statement
  • 9. Current UK driving license (only if not used as name proof)
  • 10. Employment identification card

Please note: that all documents should be in English, or be accompanied by an English translation

Certified and apostile ID Procedures

For overseas, Apostille ID and certificates are essential. Certified Proof is to be provided for UK, EU residents and Non-EU residents.

UK and EU Residents
Your proof of ID and address documents must be certified by one of the following:

  • 1. The Post Office 
  • 2. Notary
  • 3. Lawyer
  • 4. Doctor
  • 5. Chartered Accountant
  • 6. Solicitor
  • 7. Lecturer or Teacher

Non-EU Residents - Overseas customers
The proof of identity provided is to be notarized by a public notary, each certificate provided should state "Certified to be a true copy of the original seen by me". The document should contain full information regarding the person such as name, address etc.

Specific wording for certification of documents

Each certified document should have the following statement written on it: "Certified to be a true copy of the original seen by me". The documents should be dated by the certifying person and they should print their name, address and occupation on the documents.

How do I send my proof of certified ID documents? 

By E-mail

It is recommended to forward scanned copies of certificates, and relevant documents to us directly. to  and we will respond to your e-mail to confirm receipt of your documents.

By post

If you cannot forward your documents via email, please forward them via post to the following address.:

AML/ KYC Department
Tax 360 LTD
Addressify LTD
7 Bell Yard
United Kingdom