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What you need to form a limited company

What you need to form a limited company

What you need to form a limited company

When you set up your limited company you will need the listed below information at hand to complete your formation.

1. Company Name

There are some rules which you need to know before choosing a company name:

Your company name needs to be unique. It cannot be used by any other already registered company and it cannot be classified “same as” to any existing company.

Please use our Name Search service to see if the company name you would like to use is available for incorporation. 

You are not allowed to use sensitive words in your company name. Sensitive Words are defined as words or phrases with the potential to confuse, offend, mislead the public or have any connection to the government or public authorities.

If you have questions about the name you would like to use, please contact us in advance at

Your company name should not exceed 200 characters and should end with the word Limited or its abbreviation Ltd.

2. Registered Office Address

This is the address that will be available on public records; it will be used for all the government statutory correspondence, as well as for storing your company registers ready for inspections. It is required to be in the same jurisdiction as your company (England & Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland). It must be a physical address, you cannot use a PO Box number. 

3. Director Details

You will need to appoint at least one company director. It is his/her responsibility to make decisions on behalf of the company and oversee day-to-day operations. Almost anyone at the age over 16 is allowed to be a company director. You will need the following details to appoint a director:

Full Name

Date of Birth


Business Occupation

Country of Residence

Residential Address

Service Address

4. Shareholder Details

Also you will need to appoint at least one shareholder (or member) who will own the company. The director and shareholder can be the same person. You will need the following details:

Full Name

Service Address

Number of Shares

Value per Share

5. Secretary Details (not compulsory)

Full Name

Service Address

6. Service Address

All company officers need to provide a service address at the incorporation stage of the company. It will be used as the official contact address for the government authorities. It must be a physical address anywhere in the UK or overseas, but you cannot use a PO Box number. Service Address will be displayed on the public records. Service Address can be the same as the Registered Office Address of the company.

If you have any doubts or questions our experienced in the professional area team will be happy to assist you.

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