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How to change a Company Name

How to change a Company Name

How to change a Company Name

The name of the Company can be changed at any time after incorporation. The process normally takes a few hours.

Company Shareholders have to issue a Special Resolution to change the name of the Company and submit it to Companies House within 15 days from the date of the resolution. 

If there is a note in the Articles of Association that directors have a right to change the company name without consulting with the shareholders first, then they must complete an application form and submit it to Companies House along with the applicable fee. 

If the name consists of any sensitive words, you will have to provide supporting documents. Even if you need to change some symbol or spelling mistake, you will still have to go through the full name-changing procedure.

You cannot use the new company name until it has been approved by Companies House. As soon as the new name has been approved, it will be updated on public records and you will be provided with the “Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name” as confirmation of the same. Once you have received this certificate, you can use the new name. The new certificate only confirms the change that has been made; it’s not a replacement of the original “Certificate of Incorporation”. The initial details of the company formation such as the registration number, date of incorporation, etc. remain unchanged.

After the company name has been changed you will need to update your information with HMRC, replace it on all the stationery and website, notify members, clients, suppliers and other third parties.   

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